Children's Key worker's

The Tavistock Key worker System

Tavistock Nursery run a 'Key Worker' system. This means your child will be allocated a member of staff who has resposibility for developing a trusting and caring relationship with you and your child.

It is important that children feel they 'belong' and their key worker will ensure new children are settled into the group as quickly and easily as possible. Parents are encouraged to visit with their child prior to children starting nursery. This helps to build up their child's confidence in this new environment.  

Children need to feel they have someone they can rely on and their key worker will take a special interest in them, ensuring they are happy and enjoying their nursery experience.

 Your child's key worker will ensure your child is developing a range of new skills and is settled and happy. They will share information with you, about your child's achievements, on a regular basis.

The nursery operates a daily diary system for children under three years. Diaries are completed on a daily basis so parent's know what their children have been up to during the day.