A supportive environment

It is important that children have a positive experience at nursery. The key to this is to ensure that children feel 'included' and 'valued'. All children are welcomed into the nursery with staff making every effort to smile and talk to the children putting them and their parents at ease.

The staff take great care to get to know your child and their individual little ways, this ensures their care is familiar to them so they immediately feel 'at home' Individual care plans for each child gives the staff some background information which helps them understand your child and their family life. This is important for young children as their care needs to be consistent with the care they receive at home so they continue to feel safe and secure.

All our nursery rooms are arranged with small groups of children and staff, this allows staff the opportunity to really get to know the children well. Staff are able to get to know the children's personality and character and are able to build up close and positive relationships with them.