An environment for learning

At Tavistock Nursery we believe that children learn best by being active and learning through play focussed activities.

Each room is designed with appropriate furniture and resources suitable for each age group to encourage active learning. Our aim is to develop a child's 'love of learning', we do this by introducing new and exciting activities which keep their interest and develop their concentration skills,

We offer a range of opportunities for exploration and discovery so children can develop at their own pace. Staff monitor each child's individual progress and ensure there is enough challenge to keep children interested, motivated and keen to learn.

We are part of the ECAT (every child a talker) programme which encourages nurseries to develop their staff and environments to support children's language development. At Tavistock Nursery we strive to provide a 'language rich' environment which gives children a 'head start' when they move on to school. We support parents in developing their childrens language by running a 'talk talk' scheme where parents can take home resources to use with their child.