Additional Play Space


Tavistock House Day Nursery has a large  garden with a wide selection of plants and trees. We believe that children should experience the seasons first hand and have developed an exciting outdoor space which children can explore. Nature provides a wealth of opportunities for learning and staff utilise nature to provide a range of exciting outdoor activities.

We have a pet area where children can help to look after our two rabbits and guinea pig, this helps to develop their caring instincts and sense of responsibility. We have a digging area, construction shed, house, climbing frame and a range of toys to support children's physical development.

Indoor Garden Room

Our indoor garden room provides a range of different physical opportunities for children. Here we have a ball pool, soft balls, sit on toys, skittles and bean bags. This room is especially usefull for the younger children when it is too cold for outside play.

Sensory Room

Our sensory room offers a calm and soothing space for children to 'chill out'. We have a bubble tube, interactive light & sound panels, twinkling lights, a dark den to explore with torches and a range of sensory equipment for children to explore.

Music and Dance Room

Our music and dance room offers the space needed for ring games, music and movement, ribbon dance and yoga bugs. Children can watch themselves in the wall length mirrors helping them to learn and see how their bodies can move and be controlled.