3 Months - 1 year

Our youngest children are our most vulnerable and need a well protected environment which is calm and peaceful. Our tiny baby rooms offer an environment exclusively for non walking babies, this means that those children who are lying, rolling or crawling can explore their environment in safety. They can develop their confidence in their own abilities without feeling threatened by older children who do not understand the needs of other children.

Younger children rely more on their senses to learn, they pick up on body language and tone of voice and are attracted to music, lights and smell. We have developed an environment that is 'sensory rich', offering a range of equipment, resources and activities that children can touch, smell, hear and see.

We have treasure baskets full of interesting items that children can explore, these baskets offer 'open ended' play, there is no right or wrong way to use the equipment so babies can use them in any way they wish.

We understand that babies of this age need lots of cosy cushioned spaces that they can snuggle in to when they just need to have some quiet time. Staff will make sure that children have some one to one cuddle time throughout the day so they continue to feel loved and cared for while in nursery.