1- 2 years


Babies of this age are up on their feet and ready to explore their surroundings. They need a protected environment to feel safe and secure but require more opportunities to be physically active and try things out for themselves.

Our baby rooms have been designed with just this in mind. Here your baby will be introduced to a range of play activities which they can explore and investigate in safety.

Your child will be introduced to new experiences such as paints, play sand and music to help develop their creativity. They can explore soft bricks, posting boxes and fit together toys, which helps to develop their intellectual thinking and also their fine motor skills.

You and your child's key worker will draw up individual care plans so you can be sure your child is supported emotionally and physically throughout the day. Our baby rooms have been designed to include rest areas where babies can 'take a break' from the active busy day. Here they can sleep or listen to music. This will ensure babies are not too tired at home time when parents want to play.